How Direct Mail Campaign Can Help Your Real Estate Business


Investing in real estate is one that requires a lot of expertise to be successful. This has been the main reason so many young investors have been either chased out of the market or discouraged from investing in the first place. Selling a property involves that you follow some certain steps that are quite dynamic often requiring an appreciable level of proficiency and experience.
Direct mail is a strategy through which you reach your clients using the mail to deliver promotional pieces like letters, brochures, postcards and so many more. Sending direct mails to potential clients is one of the most difficult processes in the real estate business, however, it is an important part of the business that cannot be excluded as it has so many advantages through which more clients can be gotten and reached
Fortunately, this difficulty has catered for through the Realeflow software. The Realeflow software is the only all in one real estate investing software that is built to get you more leads, more time and more money. It has so many features through which it achieves this and one of them is the direct mail feature. The direct mail feature is designed to provide your real estate business with the following:

Automated Real Estate Marketing
Through the realeflow’s direct mail feature, real estate is done automaticalling saving you the stress of searching, compilation etc. With this, you can deliver single-step and multi-touch direct mail campaigns in just a few clicks. All you have to do is follow the process provided by a simplified wizard by:
• Picking your real estate direct mail campaign, choose your list and customize.
• Previewing each campaign before it is launched and the software takes care of the rest.
By this, you do not need to print, use stamps, or employ the services of a post office.

High converting campaigns
It is not enough to select direct mail campaigns but much more, having high converting campaigns. Through realeflow, tested and proven real estate direct mail campaigns connect with more buyers and sellers. This is achievable because:
• New letters that are penned personally enhance conversion and open rates significantly.
• Professionally devised real estate postcards and letters catch the eye of the reader.
• Well written copies increase the rate at which potential clients respond.
• Campaign sequences, customized content convert and engage readers.

Cost effectiveness
With the software, direct mails can be sent to as many as possible based on your budget at a very cost-effective price and still produce a large number of leads for your real estate business. Real estate direct mail campaigns start at $.99 per letter with no minimums required. All you have to do is to configure each campaign to fit your budget.


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